Hikari Lionhead Enhancer
Hikari Lionhead Enhancer
Hikari Lionhead Enhancer has been scientifically developed to promote growth and the prominent lionhead shape of goldfish such as Ranchu, Oranda and Azumanishiki.

These lionhead goldfish have a rare and exquisite beauty which makes them the elite class of all goldfish.

Belief that natural, live foods were indispensable in creating the desirable lionhead shape were rebuffed after our long and strenuous laboratory research.

Hikari Lionhead has been developed to produce superior results, while eliminating the parasite and bacterial problems associated with feeding live foods.

Hikari Lionhead is high in amino acids, specially formulated ingredients and all the necessary nutrients to promote desirable, true lionhead development.

Rich in natural colour enhancing ingredients, Hikari Lionhead will bring out the exquisite colours fancy goldfish keepers expect without added supplementation of other foods.

The vitamin and protein combination will promote rapid, true-to form growth.

Hikari Lionhead is a sinking pellet, will not dissolve and therefore does not cloud the water.