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Online Catalogue > HIKARI FISH FOOD > Lionhead Enhancer
Hikari Lionhead EnhancerHikari Lionhead Enhancer
Hikari Lionhead enhancer - Specialists` Fish Food

"The ultimate choice in pelleted diets for your lionhead goldfish"

Hikari Lionhead Enhancer is specially designed sinking pellet, with higher protein levels & exact nutrition for the growth, health and vibrant coloration of goldfish. It contains specially formulated ingredients, including a higher level of necessary Amino acids, which promote marvelous growth and desirable true lionhead development, which is normally not possible without feeding live foods. While also eliminating the parasite and bacteria problems that are normally associiated with this method of feeding.

Supplied in a black foil re-sealable pack Lionhead Enhancer is a very easy to use pelleted fish food. Additionally Lionhead sinking pellets are non water soluble, so they won't cloud your water.

Pellets are infused with carotenoid which provides natural color enhancement and decreases the need for additional supplements. Lionhead enhancer also contains an abundance of spirulina and high-grade shrimp/krill meal to help bring out the brilliant colors of your fancy goldfish.

contains stabilized Vitamin C, which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious diseases.

To buy Hikari Lionhead enhancer, please select the pack size you wish to buyand then click the "Add to Basket" button below.

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pack size options

100 gm Lionhead Enhancer 4.40   
300 gm Lionhead Enhancer 10.75   

add self adhesive aquarium thermometer strip @ 1.49

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Online Catalogue > HIKARI FISH FOOD > Lionhead Enhancer