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Online Catalogue > HIKARI FISH FOOD > Hikari Oranda Gold Food
Hikari Oranda GoldHikari Oranda Gold
Hikari Oranda gold - Specialists` fish food

"Promotes desirable, true Oranda development"

Hikari Oranda gold offers your goldfish a diet that promotes coloration not normally expected in goldfish raised indoors due to an extreme lack of UV. This technology also helps prevent fading of your pet's color over time. Additionally Hikari Oranda gold is a floating pellet, the benefit of this is that it allows you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding so that the pellet never clouds your water. Hikari Oranda gold also eliminates the parasite and bacteria problems normally associated with this type of feeding.

A benefit of this specially developed fancy goldfish food is that it is inexpensive and easy to use, while promoting normal fancy goldfish development, an achievement which would usually not be possible without feeding them live foods

Hikari Oranda gold contains stabilized Vitamin C, which is very beneficial to fancy goldfish, as it reduces stress and promotes immunity to infectious diseases.

Excellent nutrition for Orandas, Lionheads, Ranchus and all types of goldfish.

To buy Hikari Oranda gold fish food, please select an appropriate pack size and then click the "Add to Basket" button below.

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pack size options

300 gm Oranda Gold 9.25   
100 gm Oranda Gold 3.95   

add self adhesive aquarium thermometer strip @ 1.49

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Online Catalogue > HIKARI FISH FOOD > Hikari Oranda Gold Food