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Online Catalogue > FLUVAL PRODUCTS > Fluval Filter pads
Fluval Filter padsFluval Filter pads
Fluval Filter pads

"For biological and mechanical filtration"

Fluval filter pads have been specially designed toi maximise surface contact between the water and the media. These large filtering surfaces ensure efficient cleaning of the aquarium water and maximise the colonization of beneficial bacteria.

If you have a fluval filter in your aquarium, then once in a while you will need to replace the filter pads inside the filter, as they will get filthy , from filtering the dirt out of your aquarium water. We stock these replacment filter pads, in all the different sizes: 1 plus, 2 plus, 3 plus and 4 plus. The size of replacement filter pads you need, is determined by the size of filter you have. For example if you have a 4 plus filter, which is the biggest size, you need to buy 4 plus replacement filter pads

The benefit of replacing the filter pads, is that when they are new and clean they will filter your aquarium`s water much better than they would when dirty. Good filteration, in an Aquarium, is essential, as it filters the fish`s waste products out of the water, which if left unremoved will poison the fish.

To buy Fluval filter pads, first decide which size you need, and then select it. Then please click the "Add to basket" button below.

Filter pad sizes

Fluval 1plus Filter pads @ 2.99   
Fluval 2plus Filter pads 3.00   
Fluval 3plus Filter pads @ 4.25   
Fluval 4plus Filter pads @ 6.49   

add self adhesive aquarium thermometer strip @ 1.49

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Online Catalogue > FLUVAL PRODUCTS > Fluval Filter pads