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Liquid Crystal Aquarium ThermometerLiquid Crystal Aquarium Thermometer
"Avoid huge fish health problems cheaply and easily by buying a liquid crystal Aquarium thermometer for your fish tank"

Being able to control the temperature of your fish tank is very important, as if the water temperature is either too high or too low the metabolism of your fish will be affected. Additionally rapid fluctuations in temperature, particularly down, cause physical stress to fish that often leads to disease.

The solution to maintaining the correct water temperature is having a Self Adhesive Liquid Crystal Aquarium Thermometer, which shows you the temperature of the water and allows you to control and spot changes in temperature, allowing you to act (By either changing the temperature on your aquarium heater or adding more cold/hot water to the tank) and prevent your fishes getting health problems.

The temperature at which you should keep your aquarium at depends on the type of fish you keep. For coldwater fish the temperature of your aquarium should be kept consistantly at around 65 degrees farenheit, whilst for the vast majority of tropical fish, an aquarium water temperature of 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will be fine.

The aquarium thermometers we sell at, have a high temperature range from 18c-34c (64f-93f) and they are incredibly easy to set up. All you have to do is peal the back off, underneath it will be a sticky glue layer, carefully stick it to the outer side of your aquarium, and the number that glows yellow is the temperature of the water.

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